Handstripping is a process where the dead outer coat of wire haired and rough coated breeds is pulled out by hand rather than cutting the hair with clippers. A new coarse wire coat will then grow back. 
For spaniels, the softer, dead undercoat is stripped so the silky coat can lay flat and smooth. 
When done correctly the stripping of the coat is not painful to the dog at all and produces a beautiful finish.


Airedale Terrier 

Australian Terrier

Border Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Dandie Dinmont
Irish Terrier
Lakeland Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer
Norfolk Terrier
Parsons Terrier
Scottish Terrier
Sealyham Terrier
Welsh Terrier 

Wire Fox Terrier 

West Highland White Terrier 

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)
Miniature Schnauzer

German Wirehaired Pointer

Italian Spinone
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon



Dachshund (Wirehaired)

Ibizan (Wirehaired)
Irish Wolfhound


Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV)

Scottish Deerhound

Giant Schnauzer
Standard Schnauzer
Brussels Griffon
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